Wildwood Market

West Seattle Market and Eatery with an easy-to-update WordPress website.

Meet my client: Lonjina Verdugo is a graphic designer in West Seattle.  We've been working on projects together for many years and when she and her husband decided to open a local market, she came to WebCami Site Design for a custom website.

What was needed: Lonjina had experience in building websites on her own and wanted something easy to update.  She planned on expanding to online ordering and wanted to easily upload her own graphics as well.

Our solution: We decided to use a very clean theme from StudioPress for the website also include an Instagram feed to share photos of delicious menu items and store products with ease.

Proven results: Since it's launch in 2016, Lonjina has successfully managed her website largely on her own, only reaching out for help when needed with big additions or plugin issues.

Remember this! Custom graphics can make your website shine!  Hiring a graphic designer to create website graphics can make your website stand out amongst your competitors.  View Lonjina's website here.

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