Local Nonprofit Web Design

A Seattle non-profit website is redesigned for ease of use and better online engagement.

Introducing My Client:

Executive Director, Stacy Segal, reached out to WebCami Site Design for a theme update. The organization's website had started to experience issues with performance that affected both visitors and staff that manage the website.

The Task at Hand:

SAF needed a new theme, core WordPress updates, and updated hosting services to fix the many issues that were occurring.

A Team Approach:

We moved the website to a temporary hosting location to keep the current site running while we applied the Beaver Builder theme and plugins to the website. We created a template for the tours and programs section that made updates much easier for staff. We also updated the look of the outside ticketing service used by SAF to create a streamlined look.  Finally, SAF enrolled in care plans services to take the worry of dealing with technical issues away from staff.

Tangible Outcomes:

The staff at Seattle Architecture Foundation now has a website that functions well and allows them to keep their website updated with ease. The website also consistently scores well on Google Lighthouse and visitors can navigate to see upcoming events and programs without issues.

A Tip to Consider:

If you notice lag time, error messages, or warnings in your website dashboard, you may need to update your website theme and plugins.  A good rule of thumb is to update your website theme every three-five years.

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Seattle Architecture Foundation - before WebCami


Seattle Architecture Foundation