Domain Renewal Letters – The Scam that Won’t Go Away

Domain Listing Scam

I first blogged about domain registration renewal scams in 2013.  Clients were getting letters from  “The Domain Registry of America” asking them to send money for the renewal of their domain names. The amounts were much higher than the price of the domain names, too.  “Domain Listings” is also a common one and it just…

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Coming in May: Google Core Web Vitals Update

Phone view with Google page

In May of 2021, Google will use Core Web Vitals as signals for ranking in search results. Since these page experience signals will become an important ranking factor in your google search ranking, it’s good to learn more about them. Page experience signals consist of Core Web Vitals and other existing signals. Core Web Vitals…

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Understanding and maintaining your online contact form

Photo of form for website

One of the regular pain points for many website owners is their online contact form. When a website is launched, a form test is always done to make sure the proper email address is receiving the form. But, things can be working just fine, and suddenly a business owner will notice they haven’t received an…

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Best practices for contacting WebCami

Graphic that says HELLO

I’m often asked by clients what the best way is to reach me. My answer is always, “It depends on what you need”. Here are the best practices for reaching me with your requests: Email Email is always the top option to get in touch with me.  Especially if you need regular maintenance done to…

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It’s phishing season, again.

Photo of person fishing for article about phishing

In my last blog post, I mentioned that scams and hacking are on the rise. There are two more items that are new on the scene that I wanted to share with you.  Here are two more WordPress scams you need to look out for in 2020. They are both phishing emails and both spreading…

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