Cami was really great to work with. She quickly understood what I wanted from my new Website, and throughout the process, she was able to offer suggestions that well-fit the tone & feel I was after. She is super-professional, very patient, and all-together a nice person to work with. I highly recommend her. 

Dawn Nelson

Real Estate Broker, Dawn Nelson Homes


I've worked with Cami to build a web-site and I know her personally. You want someone like Cami on your team. As you are building and branding your business it's really important to surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and do great work, like Cami.

Wendy Petersen Jogaratnam

Stylist, Style by Wendy


Cami stays in touch and keeps me aware of things and potential things dealing with my website.

Lance Campbell

Entertainer, An ESP Experience


I don't even know where to begin... maybe I wish there were 10 stars because Cami makes me look like a TEN in my websites! She is so clear on her consultations, that when it comes to taking what I have in my brain to a virtual reality, its a "no brainer". She is a genius when I am not... which is often in this field.. I am great at what I do and she doesnt expect me to be great at what she does BUT she does have patience and know how to talk, walk me through questions that come up. Class Act!

Dawn Padgett

Hair & Makeup, Dawn Padgett and Seattle Bride Hair


Thanks for creating a clean and platform agile website with greater functionality.

Craig Stull, MA, LMHC, CDP

Licensed counseling professional, Counselor Craig


I've worked on more than a dozen websites with Webcami both as a client (she designed my wife's website) and referral partner (I am a copywriter). Cami always brings my words to life with captivating website designs and customized templates that draw the visitor in and allow them to easily navigate the content. Many web developers just shove the words into templates without thinking about white space and layout. Cami's sites are easy for users to scan the page and find what they're looking for.

Keith Creighton

Copywriter, Sudden Monkey