WordPress Care Plans

What would you do if your website stopped working or got hacked?

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Be proactive with website security and regular maintenance

If something happened, would you know how to fix your website, especially if you're unsure about your backup? Think about the potential revenue loss during downtime, which could last days or even weeks.

Regular updates by a professional are crucial. They not only keep your site updated but also monitor for malware and address any arising issues effectively.

While WebCami can't promise complete immunity from malware and hacking, I can assure you that consistent updates greatly reduce the risk of your website falling prey to online threats.

Have peace of mind knowing your website is in good hands

Happy clients often refer to this service as "Cami Care."

I'm experienced, certified, and provide monthly website care for 200+ websites.

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Website Care Plan

Choose Your Level of Care

Monthly Yearly
Minimalist Approach

Economy Care

$ 40$432
  • Daily Backups
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • Weekly Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • NO Additional Premium Plugins
  • NO Monthly Reporting
  • Restoration Billed at Hourly Rate
Most Popular

Basic Care

$ 65$702
  • Daily Backups
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • Weekly Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • Additional Premium Plugin Access
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Restoration in Case of Emergency
Performance Focused

Deluxe Care

$ 90$972
  • Daily Backups
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • Weekly Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • Additional Premium Plugin Access
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Restoration in Case of Emergency
  • Performance Reporting
  • SEO Reporting
  • Uptime Monitoring

If you pay annually for a care plan, you save 10%. Annual plans are non-refundable.

Below, you'll find a detailed breakdown of the all features available:

  • Daily secure backups both database and files, stored offsite for a rolling 90 days.
  • Daily security monitoring to keep watch on your site’s safety with malware scans.
  • Peace of mind that your website software is current with weekly software updates to WordPress core, theme, and plugins files.
  • Regular cleaning of your website database to keep it running fast and smooth with optimization, removal of spam comments, and excess post revisions, if applicable.
  • Additional premium plugin access for website premium spam protection, powerful web performance, advanced image compression, Gravity Form Pro & Elite add-ons.
  • Monthly reporting so you can rest assured it’s under control. You'll receive a detailed monthly report based on your level of service for your records. Note that Economy Care does not include a report.
  • Restoration of your website from our secure backups in an emergency  & contacting your hosting company if needed. Note that Economy Care does not include free restoration services.
  • Uptime Monitoring: WebCami receives an instant notification if your website goes down so we can address the problem before it becomes serious. Monthly reporting will reveal any chronic issues with your hosting provider.
  • SEO Reporting: How do people find you? Find out with professional keyword monitoring for up to 10 keywords/phrases plus competitor reporting each month. Your Google Analytics account is connected.
  • Speed Testing: Performance checks that provide insights into website page speed. After a baseline report, plugins are adjusted to boost speed and make adjustments where needed. Monthly checks to the system.
Barbara Nuss, Profit Soup

Barbara Nuss, CPA

Profit Soup

"Cami has given me exceptional service in developing and supporting our website - which is beyond cool. Better yet, she has given me great advice and made my life easier with her WordPress Care Plan. Before she was involved at that level my website was hacked and quarantined. This can turn a good day to a bad one very quickly. Since Cami has been looking after me and my website I haven't had to get involved in resolving any issues. There have still been issues as there will be in today's online environment. But she detects and corrects them BEFORE users encounter an issue - and certainly before I know it has occurred.

And she's a really cool person to deal with. Always in control and honest about deadlines, helping me and my team to manage our responsibilities and keep an open mind about how our website can transform in form and purpose over time. We have learned a great deal from working with her and are grateful to be associated with her."

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Are you wondering if you can sign up for a Care Plan even if your website wasn't built by WebCami?

The answer is yes, you might still be eligible for my care services!

Before we proceed, it's important for me to conduct a thorough evaluation of your website. This assessment will help me understand its current state and determine the specific care services that would be most beneficial for your site.

Does your website need a little TLC?

Let's chat on the phone or over Zoom so I can learn more.