Websites for Nutritionists

A Seattle area nutritionist updates WordPress website to a modern and clean design.

Introducing My Client:

Danielle Venhuizen, MS, RDN, CLT, specializes in personalized nutrition care with an integrative and functional medicine perspective.  We met in BNI over a decade ago and I've been providing services for her ever since.

The Task at Hand:

I've updated Danielle’s website several times over the last ten years, and it was time for a new look. Danielle chose a new color palette with muted tones, aiming for a fresh and inviting vibe. I'm excited to roll out this update and continue supporting her evolving business.

A Team Approach:

Danielle had been considering Elementor for her website's revamp. However, after running into some issues with the theme compatibility, we opted for an update using Beaver Builder instead. This switch has allowed us to smoothly implement her vision for a fresh, inviting website.

Tangible Outcomes:

Danielle's website now sports a fresh look for the new year, reflecting her vision for a modern and welcoming online presence.

A Tip to Consider:

Flexibility and clarity in your website redesign are crucial. Danielle's experience illustrates an important lesson: even if a switch to a new tool like Elementor is considered, it's essential to recognize when it might not meet your needs due to frustrations or compatibility issues. Opting for a reliable alternative, like Beaver Builder in our case, ensured a seamless and effective update. Select a web design partner, like WebCami, who is adaptable, understands your vision, and is committed to finding the best solution for your project.

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