Nonprofit Website Design CIRC Living

Nonprofits focused on senior housing merge and required a website redesign.

Meet my client: In 2012, The Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG) formed the Community Life Foundation, whose mission is to “connect seniors living in affordable housing to resources that support their independence.” We launched a new website in early 2020, and soon, the nonprofit merged with others and needed a redesign.

What was needed: We needed to add new branding and content to accommodate the client's needs. However, we wanted to keep the overall integrity of the design in place.

Our solution: We converted the Community Life Foundation website into CIRC Living using new graphic materials pulled from print designs. We shaped the website to incorporate the new marketing message and purpose.

Proven results: The new website exceeded expectations and will serve seniors in the Puget Sound area that might be looking for affordable housing.

Remember this! If you have new designs for your logo or marketing, you don't have to completely reinvent the wheel.


Former Community Life Foundation website


CIRC Living website