Carpentry Website Design – Alder + Hammer

Seattle Carpentry Company launches a landing page while a website build is in progress.

Meet my client: Adrian Guevara is a talented finish carpenter in the Seattle area.

What was needed: We are launching a full website for Adrian in 2023 and he wanted a landing page to get his basic information out there while the full website was in progress.

Our solution: Adrian had his logo designed by my go-to graphic designer, Lindsay Fournier, and we created a simple landing page that potential clients could see now.

Proven results: While some might frown on a coming soon page, a simple landing page can help your website index faster on Google while your website is being built. It takes time for Google to find a new website and this gives your domain a head start.

Remember this! Anyone with a new website in process with WebCami LLC can launch a coming soon page while we work. This works best for brand-new websites and isn't recommended for redesigns of existing websites.  You don't want to disrupt your current SEO.

Coming soon page

Screenshot view of Alder + Hammer one page website by WebCami