GoDaddy Pro Summit 2017

Last month, I was invited to attend the GoDaddy Pro Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was a meeting of GoDaddy leaders and web professionals in the GoDaddy Pro Program. It was a true exchange of information and ideas and was the best web conference format I have experienced. The presentations included Q&As and created a…

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Essential features needed for your home building industry website

Website tips for the design build industry

Are you a contractor, architect or interior designer with an outdated website? Maybe you offer subcontracting services to those I just mentioned. Or maybe your business is all word-of-mouth and you think you don’t really need a website. Let me explain why you need a great website and the essential elements it should have. When…

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What does your website and your car have in common?

Believe it or not, your website and your car are a lot alike. I remember watching my Dad do oil changes every 3,000 miles back in the day. New tires, tune ups and car washes kept us rollin’ down the highway. Your website needs maintenance, too, to keep it rolling down the information superhighway! Avoiding…

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WordCamp Portland and my podcast debut!

I had only been to Seattle WordCamps up until 2017. In the last two weeks, I attended in Sacramento and also this past weekend in Portland, Oregon. I made my first weekend visit to Portland in 2009 for my 20th wedding anniversary. It was a no brainer to head to WordCamp Portland. Kill two birds…

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Webcami is West Seattle’s Certified Digital Business Consultant!

WP Elevation is a global mastermind group of WordPress consultants that encourages best practices on project management and development workflow. The WP Elevation Badge on my website means that I am highly knowledgeable in WordPress business development and that you can be sure that you’re in good hands while we build the website that will…

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How do I check my own website search results on Google search?

Photo by Oliver Price Hamlin

Are you wondering how your site is doing on Google? Often, a client will contact me that their site isn’t appearing in Google search, not knowing that Google is returning a personalized result when they open their browser and enter search terms. Google “remembers” everything you search for and knows where you are searching from.…

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