The importance of updating WordPress


If you currently have a WordPress website, you know that WordPress requires continuous updates. Due to its open-source nature, WordPress can be used for any purpose, studied, altered, shared, and improved. If you’re wondering whether you should apply WordPress updates to your website, the answer is yes! Here are a few reasons why:


Leaving WordPress updates unattended puts your website at risk of being hacked. WordPress is open-source software and powers 40% of the world’s top 10 million websites. Due to its popularity, hackers can easily study its source code and use the information to hack websites. 

To put it simply, if you haven’t updated your WordPress version, you will be highly vulnerable to hacking attacks. Make sure you stay on top of WordPress core, themes, and plugins to ensure your website is safe and secure from hackers.


All website owners want their websites to load as quickly as possible, and new updates always come with improved performance. WordPress updates optimize your website to make it faster so that your users experience a superior and smooth browsing experience whenever they visit your website. Leaving updates undone can slow down your website.

New features

When you update your WordPress site, you get access to all of the latest and improved WordPress features, which will make your website much more versatile and reliable. Maintaining your website makes sure you are enjoying the benefits of these new features.

Bug fixes

When you update your WordPress website properly, you ensure it is compatible with all the latest technologies. Plugins that use the latest PHP features may not work with an old WordPress version. Moreover, you will not be able to use the latest features associated with WordPress’s latest version.

WebCami is here to help!

When your WordPress version, theme, or plugins are outdated, your website is vulnerable.  It will not have the newest features, bug fixes, or security patches that will enhance its performance. As a result, your visitors may get frustrated with your website experience and leave without making contact. When you’ve invested in a website to attract business, you can’t ignore the maintenance needed to keep your website up and running.

WebCami manages over 150+ client websites on a weekly basis. Each month, my clients receive a report with details on what was updated, backed up (you’ve got to have backups), virus scan results, and more.

With so much already on your plate as a business owner, WebCami Site Design can take the maintenance of your website off your to-do list.  For a full list of services offered, visit my care plan page.  Or, you can simply contact me and we can set up a time to talk about your website needs.

Cami MacNamara

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