WebCami holding a heart and sending love to clients and friends

Last night, the news in West Seattle seemed surreal. Not only was the Governer about to issue a stay home order, but the West Seattle Bridge had cracks and was closing downThis too shall pass. This is my mantra for the strange times we are living in.

After finding the list of essential businesses the Governor issued last night (I am deemed essential), I noticed that many folks were staying open, while others were closing. Some, who were closed last week will now be closed for a longer period of time. In all cases, this is very stressful for all of us.  I am here to help you!

I wanted to announce a few things:

  • I am now working M-F, 8am-5pm. I have made my trip to set up Mom and Dad to shelter in place and won’t need to head to CA again until May or June.
  • I am not attending any in-person meetings of any kind.  Even my business group is meeting online.  I have phone and Zoom calls available to all clients. I recommend Zoom if you can do it.  It feels much more personable.
  • All Covid-19 related work is 50% off (for currently contracted clients). I will help you get your messages in place site-wide and I’m treating this as emergency work. I want to support all of you as much as I can. This includes adding a shopping cart if you need one.
  • Wondering if you need to renew something in your hosting or domain account?  Please reach out and I’ll review it with you at no charge.  In most cases, you need to keep your hosting and domain running, even if your business is closed temporarily.  In some cases, you want to keep your domain even if you close permanently.
  • I encourage everyone to keep care plan services for your website as long as it’s live on the internet. I have cleaned up two hacked sites in the last 5 days. Hacking was already on the increase in 2020 and it’s not going to stop now. In fact, I predict it will increase even more.
  • If you have added “priority-time” added to your care plan, I highly recommend you use me to help get your messages out to your clients and customers.   Blog posts, newsletters, etc.  You need to send correspondences to your mailing list once a week.
  • If you aren’t using Mailchimp, now is the time to get your client list in there! ASAP.  This will make communicating much easier and let you know who is reading your emails, too. Ask me if you need guidance.
  • SEO is dropping for everyone.  It’s not just you.  The searches on the internet are skewing hard for Covid-19 and the news.  This will pass.  When it’s over, we can explore an SEO package at a reasonable price to move up your rankings.
  • If we are currently working on a project, I do recommend continuing so you can hit the ground running when this is over (and it will eventually be over).  However, if you need to put things on hold, please reach out to me.
  • If the opposite is true and you need your new website up faster than we planned, let’s chat about that as well and see what we can do!
  • If any invoices you receive are an undue burden for you, I want you to tell me. We can defer payment for 90 days or set up a payment plan.
  • I am taking new clients.  If someone has been holding off and has a business that is providing a much-needed service right now, please don’t hesitate to introduce me.
  • My trusted partners, for the most part, are open and running, too.  You may need their services now more than ever.

Please reach out if you need help with your website, or if you just want to brainstorm ideas, I’m here for you.  We all need to help each other through this.

Please practice social distancing and stay safe.  All my best to you and yours.


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