Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Boostability provides SEO for small businesses

Finally, SEO services that won't cost more each month than you paid for your entire website.

WebCami Site Design has partnered with Boostability, an industry leader (based in Utah) in SEO, social media, and website services for small to medium-sized businesses. WebCami Site Design will act as a project manager with the Boost SEO team on your behalf.  You will have access to a detailed dashboard with details on all the work performed each month, along with reporting to see your results.

Basic care plan services required to enroll.

A 6-9 month minimum time frame is needed to see results. However, a one-year commitment is recommended for all packages (but not required).

Please contact WebCami Site Design if you'd like to learn more.

The 6 Step BoostSEO Method

The BoostSEO Method breaks down into six steps that together make up the single most effective method for getting a small business found online.

  1. Select quality keywords over quantity: Rather than optimizing for dozens or even hundreds of keywords, we take a “less is more” approach to keyword selection. We conduct exhaustive research and vetting to find the ideal list of keywords that will perform best for each client.
  2. Become relevant for those keywords: We match your website code and content to your chosen keywords. We also create high-quality content across the Web. This helps Google and your customers know that your business is a relevant result to those keyword searches.
  3. Earn trust and authority for those keywords: We act as an online marketing extension of your business, promoting your business everywhere your customers are searching. We’ll also create content that will help develop a diverse and natural link portfolio, earning you the trust of Google and your customers.
  4. Monitor progress and adjust as needed: Your SEO team will keep a regular watch on your keyword rankings. When needed, they will step in and adjust your strategy and tactics to keep your campaign on the right course.
  5. Maintain page one rankings: Once you achieve first page rankings, we help you maintain them by continuing to build trust and relevance for your website through ongoing content creation and link portfolio development. This will help keep you ahead of your competitors and successfully adapt to ever-changing algorithm updates.
  6. Build again with new keywords: Now that you’ve got the attention of Google and your online presence is growing, the best thing you can do is leverage this momentum and optimize for new keywords. We do this by repeating steps one through five.