5 Things Every Real Estate Website Needs

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Knowing what content and message to convey on your real estate website can make or break you in the current market.  Potential buyers are frantically searching for the right property online and rushing to get in offers.  Sellers are looking for someone they can trust…

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Web Designer Tool Tip: What’s under the hood?

I’ve been relying more and more on a great website I discovered to see what a potential client’s site is running on.  The site is Built With:  http://builtwith.com/ It not only can help you analyze a specific site, but it collects data from around the…

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Who uses WordPress?

Every wonder who uses WordPress for web design? Do any big companies use it? Are any sites I visit on a regular basis running on WordPress? How about CNN, UPS, NYTIMES, & EBAY to name a few! http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users/ Famous Bloggers: http://www.famousbloggers.net/blogs-running-wordpress.html

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