Announcing Design Maintenance Request Form for Existing Clients

You can request support from WebCami via desktop or mobile

This is a long overdue feature for my existing clients.  When you need assistance with your website, wouldn’t it make the whole process easier if you had a simple form to fill out for your request?  I have created a form you to send your request, along with any files needed.  This is for small design requests. If you find you have more files to send that the form allows, simply request a Dropbox or Google Drive share folder in the proper checkboxes.

Design Maintenance Support Form

I’m hoping this will increase the ease of sending me information for your website design maintenance.  Should you have any suggestions please email me and I will take them to heart!

You can find the link to send a request in the footer of all pages.

Example of footer link for maintenance request at WebCami Site Design

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