Significant changes are coming to Google Analytics

Google search on a computer screen

Google Analytics will soon stop logging IP addresses and phase out older versions to maintain privacy standards. As international privacy laws become more complex and consumer privacy standards increase, these changes occur. Specifically, Universal Analytics (UA), the web-based legacy analytics product, will be permanently shut…

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Why your website shouldn’t be free

Frustrated person in front of a website

I routinely have clients come to me who started building their websites and threw in the towel. There are many do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) web builders, and creating your own website can seem like a quick-fix solution to getting your business online. However, a D-I-Y website is…

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The importance of updating WordPress

If you currently have a WordPress website, you know that WordPress requires continuous updates. Due to its open-source nature, WordPress can be used for any purpose, studied, altered, shared, and improved. If you’re wondering whether you should apply WordPress updates to your website, the answer…

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