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Client Care Plan FAQs

It's not just for maintenance, it's for your peace of mind.

WebCami's Client Care Plan puts you on offense with website security

Dozens of WebCami clients are leaving the pesky details behind them and enrolling in client care plans. To learn more, read this blog post on why a care plan is a great investment. Below are some of the most asked questions received:

Why does WordPress need updating?

Just like any software that you have on your computer or phone, WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis. Updated versions are released frequently. Updating your WordPress site may seem cumbersome, but it’s very important.

Can’t you just do updates when I ask you to do something to my site, like a new page or feature?

This was fine in the past, but not with the amount of WordPress updates that are happening now. A couple of times a year is not enough to keep your site safe anymore. I will have an eye on your site weekly/daily.

How much time and what does it cost to fix a hacked site?

Anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the size of the site, if you have backups etc. My hourly rate applies. This can cost anywhere from $160-$1500 per fix. If I have to completely rebuild a site from scratch, it's like paying for it all over again. Not fun at all.

Will this guarantee my site won't get hacked or go down?

No. I can only offer you services that can keep your site updated and backed up.  Hosting can go down for many reasons and no hosting company will guarantee 100% uptime.

What if my website does get hacked?

I will fix it. Please do keep in mind that I’m not a 24/7 operation with a team of designers. It’s just me. I will respond as quickly as I can but this doesn’t mean instantly. In some cases, a maintenance message will be placed on your site while or until I can restore your files. Every case is different and not all fixes are quick. One good note is, I will restore it so you don’t have to! And the restoration of files is included in your WordPress Care Plan.

What if my website gets hacked and I'm not subscribed to your care plan?

I will do whatever I can to help you get your site back up!  My hourly rates will apply. Best case is you have good back ups to revert to. Worst case, we need to rebuild you entire site.  

Don’t you already backup my site for me?

In our contract, I clearly state that I don’t provide backup services for client files. However, when I’m updating your site, I do create a backup for my own purposes - as an insurance policy while I’m working on your files. However, I don’t keep them after I have performed the service.

Will you keep backups for me with this service?

Your backups will be stored off offsite and I will be monitoring the process to make sure they are occurring without error. Backups are scheduled daily. My role is to make sure backups are happening and ready should we need to return to them for a site restoration. These backups are only used for site restoration and not to migrate your site to new hosting.

Doesn’t my hosting provide this?

No hosting provider is going to know your website like I do! However, some hosting packages do provide backup services (usually 30 days) and some malware scanning and repair. I suggest calling to find out exactly what you are paying for. Hosting and WordPress are two different things and fixing an issue is quite another! Many hosting providers will point you to resources you need a web designer to figure out when something isn’t working.

Aren’t you just going to auto-update my WordPress site?

No, I’m not! I’m going to review what needs to be updated FIRST. I’m going to make sure your site is up and running smoothly after each update. I have never set a client to auto-updates because of malfunctions and issues I’ve seen occur with this “auto-pilot” setting. I’m going to be the “co-pilot” of your website!

How will you manage all these update?

I am making an investment in a product for designers that will allow me to keep an eye on client websites with more control than I’ve ever had before. I will install the Webcami Care Plan plugin on your dashboard which will allow me to see your site in a management tool that alerts me when you need updates, set and monitor backups, restore your site to an earlier date and run malware scans.

Are the video tutorials really helpful?

I even learned a new thing or two when reviewing WP101 before deciding to purchase a plan to empower my clients!  WordPress is wonderful because you can save money by doing things on your own.

What are my options to pay and can I cancel?

You can select month to month if you don't want commit to a full year. Payment is via Paypal and it will automatically deduct from your account. Cancel anytime through PayPal. There will be a link you can use to cancel on your own. Checks are not accepted for monthly accounts.

To save 10%, you can pay annually. I still prefer PayPal for a payment, but I will accept a check and I will send you a reoccurring annual bill due prior to your renewal date. Annual plans are non-refundable. If paying with PayPal, you can cancel your subscription to make sure you don’t renew the following year.  Refunds are not given for unused time.

If I need pages or posts updated with content, is that included?

Basic Package:  No.  This only applies to WordPress core, plug in and theme updates.  Along with virus scanning and scheduled back ups.  Content updates are covered by our contract and my hourly rate applies.

Design Time Add-On:  You can now purchase 1/2 hour or 1 hour a month at a reduced rate if you are care plan client.

What is priority design time?

Priority support time used to do small content and design updates, WordPress training session or strategy sessions.  Examples include a blog post shared on social media,  additional social media links added to your site, new employee additions, a training for a new office worker or a meeting to pick my brain about a new idea you have for your website.

However, please be aware that requests for new features to your website, redesigns, or large content updates will likely result in a formal quote as those commonly go over the monthly dedicated time. 

There are no rollovers of time at the end of each month.

I have more than one website. Can I get a discount?

Yes. If you have two or more websites with me, I have special pricing for the Basic hosting plan. Please contact me with more information.

Add-ons, including design time add-ons are not discounted beyond what you see on my care plan information page and represent fees for each add-on for each website.

I don't think I can afford this. Can I do it myself?

Are you all about "Do-it-yourself"? Here's a blog post that will walk you through the steps you need to take.

Do I need to sign an additional contract?

Not at this time. My current contract has WordPress services listed as maintenance. I will have a terms box you must agree to before signing up.

Care Plan Client Testimonial


Cami has been a delight to work with! Any small business owner is lucky to have Cami work on their website. She set me up with a WordPress site. I change the content as needed and leave the big stuff for her. Her Care Plan is terrific! Just last week, I realized my site had gone down and messaged her. She was in a meeting, but stopped the meeting to get my site back up and running immediately. That kind of peace of mind is priceless!

Jennifer L. Troyer

Founder/President, Seattle Green Cleaner, LLC

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!