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Here in Seattle, we are about to experience the Seattle Squeeze and it’s time to find alternatives to meeting in person. Our beloved Alaskan Way Viaduct has closed forever and for the next few weeks, Seattle is down one major freeway. As a resident of West Seattle, I am wondering what this means for getting out of my neighborhood.

Luckily, I have Zoom! Zoom is a video conferencing tool and much of their services are free to use. You just need a computer, webcam and can even use your phone to chat with others online. With screen sharing, I can easily review a website with a client just like I would if we were meeting in person.

I’d love to increase my Zoom meetings in 2019 for many reasons:

  • Less time on the road means more time behind the computer.
  • Driving in Seattle is, well, awful.
  • It’s better for the environment to meet online.
  • You can meet with more than one person online easily.
  • Did I mention, it’s free?

Even if you don’t have a webcam yourself, you can log in and see my screen. You can also use your phone for audio if your computer doesn’t have sound.  There is also an app for your phone.

I was introduced to Zoom by GoDaddy as a member of a customer advisory council.  It’s routine for me to be on a Zoom chat with 20-30 people from all over the world on my GoDaddy video conferences.

I do have clients that I routinely meet with on Zoom.  I’d love for you to try it, too! If you’re interested, I will email you a Zoom meeting invitation. Here are two helpful videos about using Zoom:



As a client, would you like to give this a try? Perhaps you can use Zoom for your own business, too!

To schedule a meeting, visit my Calendly page:

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