Preschool Website Design - Stellar Montessori

A Bellevue preschool upgrades from to a self-hosted custom theme design.

Meet my client: Stellar Montessori Academy is a STEAM-based Montessori school located in Bellevue, Washington. Director Deepika Othuluru reached out to WebCami Site Design for a theme change to the school's website.

What was needed: Stellar's website was on and proved to have functional limitations that didn't meet the goals of the preschool.

Our solution: We designed the new website using Beaver Builder and created a fun and colorful website for families to enjoy.

Proven results: The website is now performing better on new hosting and has a drag and drop interface that makes updating it much more inviting than it was on

Remember this! might be a good starter website environment, but you will soon encounter roadblocks with features and plugin limitations. It's always best to self-host your WordPress website for a more professional experience.


Before view of Stellar Montessori website


Preschool website design by WebCami