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Seattle contractor simplifies website design with 3-page option.

Meet my client: Kraig Wilhelmsen is a general contractor that started working with WebCami Site Design in 2013 to convert a 23 page HTML website to WordPress.

What was needed: After many years with a robust portfolio website in WordPress, Kraig decided he wanted to simplify and he opted to choose the 3-page package.

Our solution: We simplified Kraig's portfolio to just a photo gallery versus a full page for every project.

Proven results: Kraig's website became less stressful for him to manage with the ease of adding photos for new projects.

Remember this! You don't have to share every project you've every project or job you've ever done in your portfolio.  You can highlight your very best work and gain interest with a simplified viewing experience.

Home page

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Terms page

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Privacy page

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