Happy Halloween from Webcami!


I love Halloween but for some reason this year I’m totally unprepared.  The house isn’t decorated (will do that on my lunch hour today) and I didn’t have a proper costume this year.  It’s sort of a symptom of working too hard.  If I blow Halloween this year, I have to wait a whole year to redeem myself.  So, today, I’m proclaiming that next year I will be prepared.  Here’s my plan:

  1. Today, when getting the front porch ready for kids, I’ll purge the Halloween boxes of unused items and see if I can donate or give them away
  2. Tomorrow, I will shop for next year’s costume online!  I’m sure to find a sale or two

Next year, a costume is MANDATORY at my BNI group.  Look at how awesome my friend’s looked all dressed up. This is the first time I totally blew it off.  NO FUN, CAMI!  


I hope you remember to be a kid again.  Celebrate!



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