About that Google “G Suite Domain Contact” email you might have received


If you use Google Suite, you most likely received an email this month titled, “Remove internal links to the G Suite Domain Contact page for your organization.”

I received many emails asking what this was in reference to, and I wanted to let you know what I found out.

Millions of G Suite users received the same email declaring that their domain contact page for their organization will be removed with no replacement.

Google has confirmed that this is a non-issue for the vast majority of G suite account owners and that the email can be safely disregarded. It only applied if the G Suite admin included it as a contact link for users manually to provide IT support contact info to the users on the domain.

Only large organizations that employ IT staff might have put together a contact us page where this may actually be an issue, but for anyone with less than 50 users, it’s very unlikely.


Cami MacNamara

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