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Meet my client: Lindsay Fournier isn't just any graphic designer. She's the graphic designer I rely on. The one I trust the most. She and I have been referring business to each other for many years.

What was needed:  In 2015, we set out to put together a new look for her website. Lindsay had a WordPress site that wasn't responsive and she hadn't updated her portfolio in quite some time.

Our solution: Lindsay and I collaborated throughout the process and I took her vision and made it a website she loved.

Proven results: Soon after we launched, her phone started to ring from people finding her on Google. Lindsay landed her dream job in 2017 - graphic designer for the 2018 National Special Olympics!

Remember this! A well designed website portfolio can be the catalyst that lands you your dream client!

Full disclosure: 

I consider Lindsay one of the most important friends in my life, both personally and professionally. When I refer clients to her, I always know they are going to get top-notch graphic design for their businesses.  And, you have to admit, even our websites compliment each other! While I did originally design my own logo, I turned it over to Lindsay and she made it amazing.  The version you see in my header above is all her doing.  You can see how she transformed my business cards and created outreach cards to send my clients in her portfolio.

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  • Modern Portfolio Theme
  • Client care plan for peace of mind

Client Testimonial


Cami is incredible. She patient, kind and a great listener. She has a wealth of valuable web knowledge. She teaches her clients so they have a better understanding of how to use their website. I have worked with her on numerous occasions, as a business partner and a client. I have never been disappointed and neither have my clients. My website is EXACTLY what I wanted and I am extremely pleased. The world is better because of people like Cami, she is so generous and loves her job. Priceless.

Lindsay Fournier

Owner/Designer, Lindsay Fournier Graphic Design

I've created websites for many types of service providers.