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WordPress Theme Change

Bring your website up to speed with current trends and features.

Redesigning your website means more than getting a new look. It means more opportunities, too!

Most people think about the front-facing design elements when considering a WordPress theme change. Little do they know that what's happening behind the scenes of an older WordPress website can really hurt the bottom line of a small business.  A theme change can make you look better to your clients and to search engines with leaner code and faster download times.

WebCami Site Design will start by assessing the status of your current WordPress website.  We will decide if your current WordPress installation is healthy enough for a theme change or if there is any hint of a compromise, a new custom WordPress design might be the way to go.

It is very important review your current site and ask yourself:

  • what is working and what isn't on my current website?
  • what looks tired and dated to my site visitors?
  • are there unused features, plugins and/or themes that pose a security risk or slow down my site?
  • what features am I missing that I now need to keep up with modern technology?

WebCami Site Design will make sure you don’t dive blindly into the task of reinventing your WordPress website by guiding you through the process.


WordPress Theme Change

This is the best option if you already have a WordPress website but your theme isn't mobile responsive, your site runs slow or you've been frustrated when updating your content.  Current website health assessment needed.

Web Design Maintenance

Clients that have websites designed by WebCami Site Design are eligible for web design maintenance.  Hourly rates apply.  When performing maintenance, it is standard practice to first back up a website prior to working on it.  Also, if a staging site is available, this is always the preferred environment to perform updates versus working on a live website.  Care plan clients enjoy daily backups which speed up the maintenance process.

Features your current website might be missing

  • Responsive design (more than mobile-friendly, it responds to all screen sizes)
  • SSL certificate application (adding the https:// and lock symbol for your visitors peace of mind)
  • Social media integration (adding your social icons, share buttons to posts and posting to Facebook automatically)
  • Foundational search engine optimization (laying the groundwork for paid SEO campaigns)
  • Google Analytics tracking (creating your Google account and connecting it to your website dashboard)
  • Website lead captures (linking to Mailchimp/Constant Contact to build your list)
  • Whitepaper/downloads automation (email automation with free information when a client signs up for your newsletter)
  • Online scheduling (both plugin and external provider options to schedule with your clients)
  • Online course delivery (both plugin and external provider options to educate your clients)
  • Website forms with enhanced thank you pages (Premium Gravity Forms plugin configuration)
  • Event calendars (for schools, organizations or your company)
  • Membership & password protection (keeping content private for both paid and free members)
  • E-commerce (WooCommerce plugin shopping cart configuration for small e-commerce sites)

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!