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One-Page Website Package

A great option if you need a quality website on a budget

WebCami Site Design understands the need to keep costs down when you're just starting out.

Maybe you've tried the do-it-yourself option of Weebly, Wix or Squarespace and you were unhappy with your results. What if I told you that you could have a professional, custom-designed website with all the important information on one page, a MailChimp email list sign up, a premium contact form and one year of WordPress care for $1500?

Small business owners can find it hard to come up with funds to get a custom website up and running.  This one-page website package is a way for you to get a professional website up without all the hassle of moonlighting as a web designer in your spare time.  How much money are you losing not doing the job you do best?  Wouldn't you rather be taking care of your own customers and sales?

This one-page website has room to grow later if you choose to hire WebCami Site Design to add many of the features available for custom website design.  You will be laying the foundation for your future website growth and expansion.

Should you want design changes down the road, my hourly maintenance rate of  $95/hr will apply as it does with all clients.


One-Page Website Package

A one-page website design is just that, a single page with clearly defined sections, big header elements to define those sections and custom scrolling effects. The customer feels like they are clicking on different pages but they are actually moving through one page, one section at a time.

Web Design Maintenance

Clients that have websites designed by WebCami Site Design are eligible for web design maintenance.  Hourly rates apply.  When performing maintenance, it is standard practice to first back up a website prior to working on it.  Also, if a staging site is available, this is always the preferred environment to perform updates versus working on a live website.  Care plan clients enjoy daily backups which speed up the maintenance process.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!