Website Redesign for HIIT LAB West Seattle

A popular fitness studio website gets a makeover with Beaver Builder.

Meet my client: Cathy Kerns has been a long-time client of WebCami for care plan services but had a website built by others. She reached out and asked for a website redesign after feeling like she wanted a different vibe for her visitors to see.

What was needed: We decided to soften the website design a bit and introduce new colors and fonts. We also wanted to remove jump links on the homepage that were causing the site navigation to jump from complete pages to sections on the homepage.

Our solution: We added the Beaver Builder theme and framework. This eliminated the need for "team" and "banner" plugins on the website. We also added a free reviews plugin to feed in Facebook and Google reviews.

Proven results: Cathy's daughter gave us the best review ever, stating that the website "wasn't scary anymore."

Remember this! All websites generate a response from the visitor on how they feel matters in evaluating your products, services, or organization. Of course, you want that response to be a positive one. If you aren't sure that is the case with your website, please reach out, and we can review it together!


HIIT Lab Before


Hiit Lab After