Website Redesign for Alki Mail & Dispatch

Longtime West Seattle business streamlines to a 1-page website solution.

Meet my client: Alki Mail & Dispatch is a West Seattle institution. They needed a website redesign and reached out for help. As an "OG" customer from their days on Alki Beach, I was thrilled to help.

What was needed: The Alki Mail website had not been updated with current hours and while it had important info, it was lacking small tidbits of details the public needed.

Our solution: We converted the WordPress website to a static HTML5 website that just has the basics.

Proven results: Alki Mail & Dispatch has a steady stream of patrons looking for the same basic information. That is now the simple focus of the website.

Remember this! A website doesn't have to be big to be effective.


Alki Mail & Dispatch Before


Alki Mail & Dispatch website by WebCami