A charitable foundation needed a stand alone website

Meet my client:
In 2012, The Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG) formed the Community Life Foundation whose mission is to “connect seniors living in affordable housing to resources that support their independence.”

What was needed: The Foundation had a couple of pages nested within the main SHAG website and felt it needed a stand-alone website to reach a larger audience.

Our solution: We designed and developed an easy-to-navigate website where stories of outreach could be highlighted along with links to open positions online.

Proven results: The result was a website the foundation can easily manage with more visibility than just having a couple of pages on the main organization website.

Remember this! Sometimes having a stand-alone website for a part of your organization or business can be worth the extra expense of maintaining an additional website.

Client Testimonial

"Cami was wonderful to work with. She's incredibly organized, knowledgeable, and stayed right on schedule to meet our very tight deadline. I would highly recommend WebCami to any company or organization looking to build a quality website.  5 Stars!"

MaryBeth Dagg

Director, Marketing and Communications
Community Life Foundation
Client since 2020