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Lindsay-Johnson Mechanical is a women-owned plumbing company that needed a simple web presence to expand later.

Meet my client: Rachel Smith is a current client that was starting a new business.  We had previously designed her bookkeeping coaching website and I provide ongoing care plan services for her.

What was needed: Rachel has started a new business in commercial plumbing services and wanted to get something simple up and running quickly.

Our solution: Instead of a WordPress website, we opted for a simple one-page website that appears to be more than one page to the visitor. This site is HTML5 and doesn't have a content management system, but was can turn this into a WordPress website when she is ready.  We connect to Google Analytics as well.

Proven results: When you are starting a new business and want to establish a presence on Google, a one-page design can get you online in a hurry at a fraction of the costs of a multi-page website.

Remember this! It's better to get on the web as soon as you can and upgrade later if you need time to establish your new business.

A one-page website that appears to be more

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