Nevada Royal Jasper

Getting a dated and missing website back online in a hurry.

Meet my clients: Randy and Patty Messer have been clients of WebCami Site Design for nearly two decades.  They have many businesses and business partners that have sometimes had other web designers create websites for them for new ventures.

What was needed: A dated (not mobile-friendly) PHP website that was managed by someone else suddenly disappeared on them.  We had no luck finding the person that set up hosting and eventually had to abandon the non-responsive website they had up for several years.

Our solution: Randy and Patty opted to sign up for a quick 1-page solution to get a web presence back up.  The new website has much larger photos and works on mobile devices of all sizes.

Proven results: This simple page is already ranking better than the dated PHP website that was non-responsive.  In fact, it's the number one response for "Nevada Royal Jasper" and "Nevada Royal Jasper Mine" on Google search results.

Remember this! WebCami Site Design has something to offer for all budgets.  This 1-page plan includes hosting and SSL.  This is not a WordPress website and you don't have to worry about a maintenance plan either.

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