Mighty-O Donuts

A simple and clean design to highlight custom artwork and photography.

Meet my client: Mighty-O Donuts is a chain of donut cafe restaurants, and donut wholesalers, in Seattle, Washington. Their donuts are made of GMO-free, zero trans fat, vegan, organic ingredients, baking donuts for retail and wholesale at all cafes.

What was needed: They came to WebCami needing a mobile responsive website redesign and had in house graphics to incorporate.

Our solution: The result was a design collaboration at its best. We chose to use the Agency Pro theme from StudioPress. It had the clean look needed to highlight the in-house illustrations the company loved to use.  We also wanted a website that the owners could add expanded features to on their own.

Proven results: Training sessions were provided to teach the owners and staff how to make updates to the website. The owners have since added a shopping cart on their own and continue to add locations in the Seattle area.

Remember this! If you are comfortable updating your own website you are more likely to do so. WebCami provides a training session with each new website. Also, WordPress 101 and Page Builder tutorials are installed in every website designed by WebCami.