Festival Website Design – Summer Fest

Seattle music festival website gets a makeover post-COVID.

Meet my client: The West Seattle Junction Association started a website refresh for both their main website and Summer Fest back in 2019.  The main site was launched in 2020, but the music festival was canceled due to COVID in 2020 and 2021.

What was needed: The previous website had been built in the early 2010s, and while it was a solid design, it was time to update the look and feel of the website.  Graphics were provided annually by Horsepower Designs and the new site needed to keep a strong focus on the vibrant visual elements it was known for.

Our solution: We converted the website to Beaver Builder and scaled back the number of pages for ease of use each year.  We made sure Horsepower Designs had a similar way to provide images as before to streamline the process.  We also purchased a new domain name for the website and moved it out of a multisite installation.

Proven results: The website is set up in a design that is very similar to the West Seattle Junction Association website and should make updating each year a breeze for staff.

Remember this! If your organization has more than one website, it's a good idea to have them built in a similar fashion to streamline website management for staff and volunteers!


West Seattle Summer Fest BEFORE


West Seattle Summer Fest by WebCami