Private middle school website fosters community within their organization

Meet my client: Explorer West is an inclusive, supportive, and challenging middle school committed to developing the joy of learning, personal integrity and responsibility, respect for the environment, and service to others.

What was needed: Located in West Seattle, Explorer West first hired WebCami Site Design in 2005 to manage their existing website. After several years, they converted to a WordPress site and most recently, a mobile responsive design.  In 2020, we again upgraded the website using Beaver Builder.

Our solution: It was important to design this website in a way that made it easy for staff members to update it.

Proven results: Throughout the years, WebCami Site Design has worked with many staff members, teachers, and school administrators, training them to use WordPress to maximize outreach to families, students, and the surrounding community.

Remember this! An organization of any kind needs to consider the ease of use on the administrative side of the site just as much as they need to think about the ease of use for visitors.

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