A WIX to WordPress website conversion with stunning results

Meet my client: Duos Catering in Seattle is a creative established catering company with a devotion to service, food, and seasonal ingredients. Passion of food shines in everything they do.

What was needed: Owners Joshua and Benjamin had been doing their own website design with WIX for a couple of years but weren't achieving the look they wanted. They also wanted to embark on an SEO campaign and were advised to move to the WordPress platform.

Our solution: We ventured out of the Genesis Framework to find a theme (Grand Restaurant) that had everything they wanted for now and the future. They also connected with my incredibly talented copy-writing colleague Keith Creighton of Sudden Monkey to work on a copy update.

Proven results: Joshua, Benjamin, and their SEO service provider were very happy with the conversion. Now their websites shines just as much as their menus do!

Remember this! WordPress is the preferred platform for many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers. While a DIY framework like WIX or Weebly might get your business on the web, WordPress out of the box is already technically a good platform for SEO.

Visit site: https://duoscatering.com