Setting the tone for positive energy with the right design and messaging

Meet my client: Vibe's mission statement says it all:  Allowing mind, body and spirit healing using intuitive communication for your HIGHEST GOOD, with the intention of Balance and Well-being.

What was needed: Vibe and I met throught BNI.  Vibe didn't have a website and wanted something that really connected with his audience.

Our solution: Vibe new a had designed websites for energy healers in the past and also had tried it myself.  He really turned the trust over to me to do that for him and he was thrilled with the result.

Proven results: Vibe's website truly created the "feeling" he wanted his potential clients to feel when visiting his website.  His business has continued to flourish since launching his website.

Remember this! Setting the right tone for your business online can make or break your web presence. Working with a professional will make you stand out when someone is "shopping" for your services online.

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