CPA Firm Website Design

CPA Firm in California, Washington, and Puerto Rico updates to a new theme and hosting.

Introducing My Client:

Altum LLP provides tax services to all types of clients.  They are based in Washington State, California and Puerto Rico.

The Task at Hand:

Altum LLP had a solid website design, but it was in need of a theme update to keep up with current trends and technological advancements.  The website also lacked a much-needed SSL certificate.

A Team Approach:

We converted Altum's website from a Genesis theme to the Beaver Builder framework and WordPress Block Editor.  We were able to create a modern display and incorporate a new logo and colors.  We also set up the website in new hosting with free SSL services.

Tangible Outcomes:

Altum's new website design will increase its website traffic due to the addition of an SSL certificate and mobile responsive design.

A Tip to Consider:

SSL certificates are a must on today's internet. Customers expect to feel safe when they are connecting to your website. A warning may drive them away from your website before you have a chance to make contact with them.

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Before photos of Altum LLP website design


After photo of CPA website design by WebCami