Coach Denise Bodyworks

Personal trainer pivots to online classes during the pandemic.

Meet my client: Coach Denise found herself without a way to train clients when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020.  She had also just joined a networking group that went online.  Our power team of marketers, coaches, and designers dived in to help!

What was needed: Denise knew she needed to get a website up and fast to connect to clients online.

Our solution: We decided to launch a simple three-page website.  This package includes a homepage with sections, terms, and a privacy page.  This would be important for her online services.  Denise worked with my favorite marketing coach, graphic designer, photographer, and business coach.  As a coach herself, Denise truly knew she would be more successful with help from professionals.

Proven results: Denise set up an account using an online class and student software using a tool called Momence.  This third-party service was perfect for Denise to grow her online class subscriptions.

Remember this! You can start small and add to your website as your business grows.

Home page

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Terms page

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Privacy page

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