Community + Nonprofit

Bellevue Friends of the Library

Redesigning a non-profit website for better engagement.

Meet my client: Bellevue Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the goals of the Bellevue, Lake Hills and Crossroads Libraries through outreach and fundraising activities.

What was needed: Bellevue Friends of the Library contacted WebCami Site Design in 2018 in need of help. Their website had been converted to WordPress by a volunteer that was no longer with their group. As with many organizations, a past volunteer had set up hosting on domain registration and access was hard to find for both.

Our solution: Once account information was found, WebCami Site Design not only provided a new and easy to update website design using Beaver Builder, but also provided hosting and care plan services so as volunteers leave the organization, there is a constant service provider keeping track of all things web related.

Proven results: Bellevue Friends of the Library received training on updating their website on their own right after the new site was launched and they have been updating it ever since. New volunteers have generic training videos for support right in their WordPress dashboard since the organization is also enrolled in WebCami's care plan services.

Remember this! Volunteers come and go in any organization. It's always sound advice to hire a professional to help you set up and monitor your nonprofit website.


Bellevue Friends Before


Bellevue Friends AFTER