Accountant Website Design – Allen+Koe

Seattle accounting firm converts Squarespace website to WordPress.

Meet my clients: Jessica Allen and Peter Koe have been my accountants for many years.  They operate Allen + Koe, a Seattle CPA firm focusing on business and individual taxation; audit, CIRA audit, review and compiled financials; and consulting services. I highly recommend their services!

What was needed:  Allen + Koe had been operating with a Squarespace website, and it wasn't giving them the look they wanted to project to potential clients.

Our solution: We rebuilt their website using WordPress and the Beaver Builder framework.  Allen + Koe also worked with my trusted partner Lisa Stambaugh to update their website copy to refine their messaging.

Proven results: Peter, Jessica, and their team can now update their own website easily and feel their website aligns with their company goals.

Remember this! If you find that you are avoiding working on your website because the platform you chose isn't working for you anymore, or if you've heard that WordPress would be a better option, it might be time to explore a WordPress conversion.


Allen and Koe website on Squarespace


Allen Koe website after WebCami Site Design