My year in review: it was all about SYSTEMS

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I set out 2015 with an important goal: Set in place systems that would help me grow my business and also give me peace of mind. I found myself at the end of January 2015 with over 44 projects in process. It was too much for this soloprenuer to handle. I’m happy to report at this year, I made great strides in setting up systems.

Here’s my list of life changing systems that help me grow my business in 2015 (and make me do it without losing my mind).

Miracle Morning:  I’m an early bird already, so this book was great for me to read.  Each morning, I do the following: Meditate, Visualize, Affirm, Journal and Exercise.  Simple.  It sets the tone for the workday.

Google Apps:  It’s the basis for ALL MY computer SYSTEMS.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Sanebox:  A smart filter for my email.  It’s not perfect, but reducing the number of emails in my mailbox has been great.  It creates filters in GMAIL for things that can wait.

Inbox PAUSE:  Ever just want to stop the constant incoming email stream?  This does it.

Google Drive: MSOffice? fuhgeddaboudit.  I’m sure if I needed a more complicated Excel sheet, I would still use it, but Google drive, docs, storage, creating templates.  It’s all be a great system for me.

Dropbox:  Maybe not all my clients have used it successfully, but for those that do, it’s a great way to share files – for those that aren’t using google.

ManageWP:  I don’t know how I ran my business without it.  Update and monitor you client sites from one panel.  I haven’t even learned all the features of this yet, but offering monitoring to my clients has been a win/win for both of us!

Insightly:  This CRM is new to my system list.  It allows me to create tasks, opportunities and projects within my email.  I still have a several hours of set up, but it’s going to be great in 2016.

Screencastify:  Thank you to Tylor Bennett at Seattle Web Works for this one.  Record yourself or your screen to explain something or respond to client email.

WP101:  This is what my clients get for free if they sign up for my care plan.  And, I can upload those Screencastify videos to their WordPress installation and ADD my own videos to this plugin!

Calendly:  By far, this has been the most life changing addition to my business!  At a co-working symposium at Metropolist, I received a tip from Sarah Studer of ImpactHUB – Calendly works with your google calendar and allows you to send a link to clients to book their own appointments.  It sends reminders for you and allows you to have have hidden openings, too.  No more back and forth about what might work.

Three other major items to mention:

I hired a marketing guru:  Madrona Marketing gave me the outside eyes I needed to zero in on opportunity.  Erin MacCoy is an amazing talent when it comes to bringing out the best in you and your business.

I hired an organizer:  Sigh of Relief Organizing gave be the tips, advice and practical tools I needed to stay on top of clutter, both office and MIND clutter.  Andrea Shirey is naturally organized and has gifts to share to those of us that are feeling overwhelmed.

I attended An Event Apart:  I met Jeffery Zeldman – someone I had admired since beginning my career in the early 2000’s.  And it was a gift to attend from a wonderful person I met by chance.  I savored every moment.

And now it’s time to build on this foundation and have a great 2016!

Cami MacNamara

Owner/Designer at WebCami Site Design. Providing web design services in West Seattle since 2002. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram