My year in review: 2019

2019 in review

Each year, I take a moment and look back on my last year in business.  It helps me get a good idea of what I need to continue doing and where I need to make changes.   Here’s a look at what happened at WebCami Site Design in 2019.

I put a new payment plan system in place

One of the best things I did all year was to change how new clients pay me for web design.  Instead of a deposit and the balance due upon completion, I now set up a payment plan of  3,4,5, or 6 payments for each new project.  The payments are in 30-day increments and it’s a motivation for not only myself but also the client when it comes to getting content together and getting the site up and running.

I traveled for GoDaddy over the summer

I had a blast this summer traveling with GoDaddy on what they call the Roadshow.  I  visited 3 different call centers for them in Tempe (AZ), Gilbert (AZ), and Hiawatha (IA).  Different divisions in GoDaddy set up tables to educate call center reps about their products.  I was at a table for the GoDaddy Pro products that are geared towards designers and developers.   I met hundreds of people and have such a new appreciation for call center reps, wherever they might work.

Touring downtown Cedar Rapids with the GoDaddy crew

Touring downtown Cedar Rapids with the GoDaddy crew

I broke my ankle

This was a big bummer this summer.  I thought I just twisted my ankle, but I broke it.  I was in a cast for 6 weeks, a boot for two more and I’m just starting to feel like myself again.  This put one of my trips for GoDaddy on ice and it also canceled a few trips Brad and I had planned.  But, I’m happy to say from a business standpoint, I didn’t have a major back up in work and was able to keep things running pretty smoothly!

WebCami had a broken ankle in 2019

WebCami had a broken ankle in 2019

I went to WordCamp US in St. Louis

In 2018, GoDaddy invited me to be their first GoDaddy Pro Ambassador and attend WordCamp US in Nashville.  It was so much fun and I was thrilled when they invited me again this year. This time, I got to go to St. Louis.  Another place I had never visited.  I was still recovering from my broken ankle but managed to get in 11,000 steps one day.  They have expanded their GoDaddy Pro Ambassador program and there are three more people joining me in that role.  It was fun to meet them and all the GoDaddy employees that were there, too.  When I got home, I was right back at it in Seattle working at our local WordCamp with GoDaddy again.  GoDaddy has made me feel like part of the family.

Working the booth at WordCamp US

Working the booth at WordCamp US

I changed my hours

After realizing that I’d be making more trips in the future to help out my parents, I decided to compress my work week into 4 days. This frees up Fridays to fly home without having to make a lot of scheduling changes.  Of course, this is totally something I can change back if I run into issues, but for now, Monday-Thursday 8 am-5 pm are my office hours.   You will be the first to know if I change that.

Mom and Dad relaxing while I cook for them

Mom and Dad relaxing while I cook for them

What sums up my entire year?  My systems paid off.

From all the travel with GoDaddy to my broken ankle, planning, whether care plans or onboarding new web design, saved me.

Keeping track of where I am, what I need to complete and who I need to communicate with is so very, very helpful.  I feel like I know I can get through anything as long as I stay on my plan and let my clients know what’s happening.


To all of you that were so supportive this year.  I really appreciated it.

What’s coming up in 2020?

  • Client portals
  • Online review system
  • SEO packages
  • Support ticketing
  • A monthly newsletter

My 2020 goal is simple.

I want to make your website something you can let me worry about so you can get on with your own business goals. Happy New Year!

Cami MacNamara

Owner/Designer at WebCami Site Design. Providing web design services in West Seattle since 2002. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram