GoDaddy Retires Workspace Email

GoDaddy webmail login screen

GoDaddy first started sending notifications to clients back in 2019 that they were going to retire Workspace email. Workspace email was the free email service that came with your domain name back in the day. If you’ve received a notification from GoDaddy that they are…

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WebCami goes on the road with GoDaddy

A woman standing next to a NASCAR car featuring the GoDaddy logo.

In July, I was asked to participate in employee education for GoDaddy.  Although the worker bee in me told myself, I can’t possibly be out of the office for almost two weeks, I jumped at the chance to learn more about one of the biggest…

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GoDaddy Pro Summit 2017

A notebook featuring an orange cover and a pen positioned on top, used during the GoDaddy Pro Summit 2017.

Last month, I was invited to attend the GoDaddy Pro Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. GoDaddy leaders and web professionals were meeting to share thoughts about GoDaddy Pro Program. It was a true exchange of information and ideas and was the best web conference format I…

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Navigating Recent Email Security Updates: DMARC, SPF, and DKIM

Photo of a mail app on a phone screen

This month, significant changes by Google and Yahoo have come into effect, impacting email requirements for everyone using these platforms for their newsletters. These updates, aimed at enhancing email security and deliverability, necessitate a closer look at how we authenticate our email communications. If you’re…

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What I learned at WordCamp US (for my clients)

Photo of Cami with friend Carole Olinger at WordCamp US 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, I attended my favorite in-person conference, WordCamp US. A WordCamp is an informal, community-organized event organized by WordPress users. Everyone is welcome to participate, share ideas, and get to know one another. WordCamp was held in San…

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Significant changes are coming to Google Analytics

Google search on a computer screen

Google Analytics will soon stop logging IP addresses and phase out older versions to maintain privacy standards. As international privacy laws become more complex and consumer privacy standards increase, these changes occur. Specifically, Universal Analytics (UA), the web-based legacy analytics product, will be permanently shut…

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